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TubeBuddy Suggestion Customizable checklist when uploading a new video


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There are various things creators may want to do to each video, but sometimes you might forget one or two of these. For example I've forgotten to add my "lower third" animations a couple of times which is something I can't go back and edit if the video is already published and getting decent views. Other times people might forget to add cards at specific timestamps that they referenced in the video. Obviously you could go back and add cards, but until you fix it there could be some viewers who are looking for the card that you forgot to add which creates a poor user experience, missed opportunities for more views, etc.

I suggest there be a customizable checklist popup on the YouTube video upload page. This could have some built-in common things like the two mentioned above, but also could be customized per user so I could add something specific for my use case.

I know I would benefit from this as I've forgotten to add captions, cards, and lower third animations in a few of my videos. While some things can be added after the fact, I would like to ensure my early viewers don't miss out on these features. A TB tool such as this one is the most convenient way to do this imo.

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We currently have a best practices checklist, but I do love the idea of adding more customisable options. Possibly could even make it user customisable like canned responses are so we can add our own check list reminders.