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Gear Advice Lights, Camera, Action! on second thought just lights


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I am planning to start my second channel for a few months now... I wanna have a movie discussion channel and comic books and all things nerd. I don't get my ducks in a row like designing thinking about how I'm gonna approach it and stuff like that the one thing that's always eluded me is lights what to buy, what kind and shade and how many finally what style. Voice been a big figure it out yourself kinda guy and that's normally what I do so unlike most people here I probably have one of the craziest setups heard his YouTube channel for gear wise. I got speakers I got 5 different cameras, I got lasers and other light fixtures, fog machine turntables and 2 dj controllers and plus some other junk but a regular everyday normal setup I am lost when it comes to lights. I been thinking logically and and I want to see if what I'm thinking is correct or and I'm on the right path and if not suggestions are always welcome... No I don't think you wanna have just one single light flashing directly on you it will not make you look good right now is the secret 2 lights on an angle or is it 2 angle one in front fernes head shoulders shot with me just talking to the camera? The actual light itself I'm not so sure on but I wanna get one little circle lights or something or actually like photographer lights and I'm thinking white light not natural right? am I close at least