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YouTube Tips Upload videos everyday

Stanley Orchard

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TubeBuddy Staff
Subscriber Goal
I disagree... here's why:

A subscriber is a human being. They are someone who is literally on their phone scrolling through videos to find something to watch. And they are not sitting there and double-checking whether or not you posted yesterday and the day before. What is relevant is that the video they find meets their needs.

Throwing a video out daily is good because it keeps you riding the wave of YouTube's highest peak impressions. But if the quality of your content suffers (or your mental health suffers) then daily is detrimental to your success. If these daily videos produce only for a few days and then day you are going to be stuck with the requirement of always posting a video in order to get views. Whereas if you spend a little extra time on the quality of your content that video can produce views via search for years on end. 100 quality videos producing evergreen views of 50-100 per day is going to equate to about 15,000 views per year (this takes into account the view spike you would get when first published). That is better than 350 videos averaging 30 views apiece... for one year. Scale that up to five years and 500 videos and the numbers are going to be closer to 1,000,000 per year (I base these numbers after my own; these are not unreasonable figures). 100 videos per year is two per week with two weeks off, and not only are you going to get more views in the long run these videos are going to be better quality and more likely to attract subscribers than the daily videos would.

Now, this is all circumstantial. It never hurts to go daily for a week or a month; challenging yourself and honing your skills is an important thing. There are benefits in the algorithm to go daily for a bit. Quality needs to be the focus but mental health is key and honestly if you can balance that and go daily then yes; you will have something special. Just don't feel like you are required to go daily. That is not the key thing that is going to get you subscribers.


Subscriber Goal
Uploading videos everyday would get more subscribers. Do you agree?
Depends the type of content and the audience expectation. As a general rule of thumb I don't recommend this, I recommend not overwhelming your audience, and also letting your content breathe.