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Answered Key Word Search For Self

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Pete A Turner

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Here's a question--When I search my own name, my search ability has improved over time...but oddly, I don't come up in ways that make sense in the Keyword search tool.

Most views? That could be me...
Key Word in titles, sure that could be true, though it seems not enough.
Description and in tags is hundreds less than it should be...
I've published a LOT of videos, certainly more than 0 in the past 7 days.
I own nearly 1500 videos....so this number should be >9

So what am I missing?

Also Why does "Pete Turner Rob Paulsen" come up all the time as a suggested tag...yes, I've had Rob on my show...and that show did well....but I can't make out why it'd be the default, or only suggested tag when there are a LOT of other options.

Any thoughts?

Please, if you'd like to chat about this, have opinions etc...that's great...but I'm looking for folks that have specific knowledge on this? It appears that the Keyword search is struggling to see me, and therefore my show? Thoughts?

Screenshot (591).png


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Going to tag @Andrew for this one. I have a strong suspicion this is related to a string of recent changes to the YouTube API that have impacted search and how incognito works.
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