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Need Advice Might it be advantageous to go over 70 characters in a title?


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Hi everyone,

I was thinking... everyone I hear says to keep the YouTube title below 70 characters or else it will likely be truncated. But if a title of a YouTube video is cut off with a "..." at just the right place, wouldn't that raise curiosity as to the entire title, and draw people to click on the video?

I know to avoid clickbait and to keep everything relevant for the sake of audience retention and all that, so I would imagine this could easily be abused and misused. But I do wonder if there's a strategy here which perhaps others have employed with success.


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I think you are giving people a little too much credit in thinking they will click something to see the rest of the title.

Imagine this, you do a search for "Dewalt circular saws 20v 60v flex volt" (I literally have that search open in another tab). You get these results with similarly good thumbnails:
(1) Understanding power tool voltage | Why Dewalt uses 20v 60v with circular saws (Flexvolt)
(2) Dewalt - 20v vs 60v vs Flexvolt

Which are you clicking? I clicked number (2). Because it had "Dewalt" "20v" "60v" and "Flexvolt" in the title and that's what I was looking for. the other will be cut off before it shows the part I care about and the extra words aren't adding anything to the value of the video.

Of course, people will have differing opinions, but being able to understand what a video is about from the search results or when present in Recommended is pretty critical to driving views.