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YouTube Opinion Helpful tip: Think from YouTube's perspective


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If you want to get a good objective point of view trying to figure out why some videos get promoted and why others don't, then
think from YouTube's perspective.

If you owned YouTube, which videos would you present to potential advertisers?

Think of it like going to a very competitive job interview... are you going to hire someone who is looks and acts professional or are you going
to hire an unprofessional slob?

YouTube is no different.

They are only going to promote "slob videos" in markets where the demand is high but supply is low.

In a competitive niche, which videos do you think they will pick - super polished professional videos or ones that are "half assed"?

YouTube's goal is to make as much money as possible, usually by selling ads. They will always favor content that puts the advertiser/brand
in the best light.

Imagine you are an advertiser - are you going to put your ads on weak looking videos or really well made videos?

So when you make your videos remember this... and try to make videos you would be confident a brand would like to be part of.

If you can do that, you'll probably succeed.


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Such a good point! Makes me see my channel in a different light!

Pete A Turner

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Just to provide some clarity...while quality of a video is important, it's more about discoverability. If a creator wanted to get into the YouTube monetization space...and let's say their videos were FAR better in terms of look and feel, but also content than Nick Nimmin, not that Nick's stuff isn't the standard, that "better" video will not be discoverable. YouTube doesn't care if you can't build an audience.

"Slob videos" are in fact more palatable. Tim Pool's video's are nothing fancy....he doesn't even bother with tagging or SEO numbers. Because he's got an audience already, he'll dominate in that space. Brands want eyeballs; that's it.

Re: sponsors, again, can you move product? is your brand in line with theirs? These are bigger questions. Quality can be defined a LOT of ways...but the best qualities are the ability to gather a crowd, the ability to produce and persistence. You might add to these three elemental attributes...but quality and marketability demand at least these three.