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YouTube Question How can I grow my channel and increase the number of subs and views I get?


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Well this community has a lot of persons with successful channels so I was wondering if anyone had ways they know of that can help


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1) every day at least one video upload
2) Video upload a constant time
3) Video thumnail must be gorgious and interesting and informative
4) relevant details in description
5) chappter add in description

Amanda Summers

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I think it's important to tell the viewer what they can expect if they subscribe. I hear people say, 'like and subscribe' all the time. But I seldom hear people do a little elevator speech so the viewer knows why they should subscribe. 'If you're enjoying this video and have an interest in ____________, please give us a like and subscribe.' I don't know how well it works, but I think it's best to tell them why they should subscribe.