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Video Review Would Like A Video Review On Latest Disney World Update Video


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User name: SwishWilly
Title of thread: Would Like A Video Review On Latest Disney World Update Video
Self review: I feel pretty good about this video. My audience retention rate on this video is currently sitting at 40% and I'm curious as to what I could have done differently to push it to 50%. Am I engaging enough or is it simply the type of content I have. Should I have waiting a bit longer into the video to show the workflow?
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://youtu.be/eUt4lCAxLsY

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/38303/post-124867

President poverty

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I don't watch these types of videos so it's gonna be hard for me to say exactly what to do differently, but im gonna tell you what i thought u did well and what to improve. I think your intro's volume was a bit too loud considering how quiet your voice it to the intro, but you do talk well and clearly. I think you should try to make the background a bit more professional looking. Your background music is good volume, its not too quiet but its not loud either. You had clear instructions on how to use the app. I'd say for this type of video 4/5.


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I agree with president poverty just lower your intro volume and improve on your background however keep at it and things will be great


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Hey. So I'm not in the demographic you're aiming for, but here's my feedback regarding your video.
  • First off, balancing your audio (intro music to your dialogue as mentioned above).
  • Your energy and knowledge is great! You seem to be very confident and enjoy what you're presenting. Good job.
  • I think the biggest way to keep your audience is to provide more visuals. Cut aways, stock video of the park (maybe the sections of park you mention, when you mention them), inserts, etc... This will also help with providing coverage when you make cuts between thoughts.
  • A more dynamic background would help too (or some fun stuff in the foreground).
I hope that helps. Good luck!


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I love watching Disney videos. I am a big fan of Adam the Woo and DFB Guide!

I am going to tell you my ideas for the overall production quality and feel.

1. Set design. With Disney in your title, I would like to see more Disney in the set. Youtubers that do bedroom shots, usually advance to sets after awhile. So maybe lookup other youtubers sets and design one that is perfect for you!
2. Your logo is blurry. I am watching on a desktop computer, when your logo comes up it is a bit blurry. It could be that you had a small image and blown it up. That usually causes the blur.
3. Right now all I see is a talking head. When you are talking maybe cut to b-roll. When I saw the title I was expecting to see Disney shots. Even if they are photos. You can only watch a talking head for so long before it gets tiresome. Add some cuts to engage the audience.

I hope this helps! Good luck on your channel! Disney 4 LIFE!


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Great video! You are very energetic and confident. This video is very informative and fun. It kept my attention the whole time.