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Entertainment Channel Doll Collector looking for others in my niche


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User name: lifeinplastic
Title: Doll Collector looking for others in my niche
Age: 35
Type of collaboration: I collect and review mostly Barbie and Integrity Toys. I'm looking for other doll content creators who may want to cross promote. I'm also preparing for my first live stream, which will be in May, so I'm on the lookout for collectors who may want to join the live discussion. Perhaps I could interview you, or we could just set up a discussion on a topic relevant to the doll community.
Amount of Subscribers: 1,000+
Ways to contact you: email lifeinplasticblog1@gmail.com
Why should they collaborate with you: My channel is growing at a good pace. I started in late September 2020 and reached the 1K subscriber milestone in early March 2021. I am a very easygoing and fun-loving person. I like to make people laugh, though some would say my humor is on the dry side. I have a deep love for the doll collecting community.
Link to Channel: https://youtube.com/c/LifeinPlasticDolls