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Instagram Different platform Different different needs

move with Pilates

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Do you guys find that some videos go so well on one platform (like Insta) and the same video sucks on others (like Shorts or tiktok) ? I guess as a beginner creator I find myself shooting in all directions! How do you go with cross promotion on your socials?


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Are they the same audiences? I think that's where a lot of people see differences. So if your Instagram is about you and more "day in a life" and you post "here is how to do this pilates exercise" then you may be mixing up your audiences.

If they are the same, then it is about using the platform conventions.

There are a few older posts on this topic worth looking at.


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I've definitely noticed that some videos have done very well on Instagram Reels while they flop on TikTok. I think this is at least partly due to the timing. Reels was very new, and Instagram was really pushing this new feature, so some of my Reels got tens of thousands of views, while on TikTok, the same video struggled to get 200 views. The window of opportunity on Shorts is closing, in my opinion, as it is already being rolled out in the U.S. and becoming more competitive. I definitely do cross posting whenever I can, though my focus is really on long form content, so admittedly, I don't post a lot on Reels/TikTok/Shorts.

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I tend to see my Reels be views over 1k but my YT under 60 times. I also think that you will find 3 different social media people one who uses just Insta one that uses just YT and others who have both. But I find when talking about my vlog on Insta people will click my link to go watch on youtube, Just not the thousands that view my reels:joy::joy: