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YouTube Tips Video for RETURNING viewers "that might not have gotten many views"

Beanie Draws

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So for context, I'm watching this most recent video
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zBTjbYLyAw&ab_channel=TubeBuddy

and in it Andrew mentions you can set a video as a featured video that "might not have gotten as many views as you'd like"

Now I've been using this strategy loosly, more focusing on either a popular video that did well, or a popular recent video that did well, but I'm wondering if using an OLD video that might not have been seen by recent viewers, could be a good idea?

Channels that have been around for a few years tend to go through styles and eras over time. Some videos, even if they're older, are still valuable, but might not have been seen by subscribers from 2020-2021 if it was uploaded in 2018.

I'm curious if it's an okay idea to use older videos that are relevant, but just not seen by new audiences, or if it's a better strategy to keep with newer fresher videos?

Stanley | Team TB

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Oooh... this is an interesting topic of conversation. I do disagree with this approach, but I respect and appreciate the foundation of that this covers. Essentially you are putting an underperforming video and putting it in the spotlight for more viewership. Cool idea!

My problem with this is videos sometimes do not perform the way you would expect. For whatever reason they just don't resound well with viewers (to put a more positive spin on it this can also happen when a video you don't expect happens to explode). I question whether making that video the headliner for your returning traffic is a smart call. Do you want this under-performing video to stand as the center-piece for returning viewers? Personally I would prefer having either my highest-performing video. For example, if I want more subscribers I would want to put my highest subscribed-to video there as I know this one brings in the subs. That or having a video specifically dedicated to the returning video, which can be met with mixed results.

Here is my personal approach. I love how gaming channels produce their content episodically, and I try to do the same with many playlists of various seasons, styles and blogs across my channel. Our main line of fishing-vlog videos is produced in annual playlists, and at the beginning of every season (and/or the end of the season) we create a trailer for that season specifically. This often correlates with branding in our banner as well. With this approach we are able to not only give returning viewers a fresh, new video once or twice or year but it also affords us a once or twice per year reason to get hyped about our content.


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Don't know if it's a good approach or not, but I do saw a big tech youtuber who sometimes put their old videos on end screen.


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I may look into this approach but not yet convinced.