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Gaming Channel Looking for others that love gaming


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User name: Dino93
Title: Looking for others that love gaming
Age: 27
Type of collaboration: I'm interested in finding others, interested in creating good gaming content, who would like to grow our channels and communities together. I'm interested in playing anything really, although my internet isn't good enough for the likes of certain games (like rust).
Amount of Subscribers: 4 currently
Ways to contact you: If interested, you can reply to this
Why should they collaborate with you: I love playing video games and I'm looking at ways to create better content. I'm still learning, but think that best way to do that would be collab. Hopefully, we can capture an audience for our game play and grow from it.
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRfGOBUy6yj6d9omelYwpA


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I would be really interested in working with you if you'd be interested in working with me