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Gaming Channel Looking for a team to collab and have fun!


New Member
User name: ZombieBear31
Title: Looking for a team to collab and have fun!
Age: 18+
Type of collaboration: Gaming ~ open to playing a variety of different games including ~ dead by daylight, fortnite, Phasmophobia, horror, indie games, siege, among us, uno, and so on.
Amount of Subscribers: I am not picky on subscriber count! I am more focused on the content you provide
Ways to contact you: Forum Conversation
Why should they collaborate with you: I am super friendly and love playing all sorts of games! I have a great following base ~ The Zombie Army ~ and I really want to create a solid team where we can play all sorts of games and have a fun time doing so.
Link to Channel: https://youtube.com/c/ZombieBear31


New Member
Hey how's it going I was just checking out your channel and it's pretty awesome. Me and my Discord group are currently looking for more members and I honestly think you'd fit right in after reading your post and checking your stuff out you seem very chill :) I would say check out my content but sadly I've not uploaded anything in a long time. I've sadly felt unmotivated as of late but my awesome friends in my group have put me back on my feet and I'm looking to start up my channel once again. Sorry for all the info there but just felt like it had to be brought up IDK why XD oh and I'm 22 and I'm from the UK hopefully it's not aa huge issue I can work with any timezone as long as it's not super far out. My Discord is ThisIsHM#4130