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Movies/TV Movie recommendations? (Horror, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Comendy etc...)


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I saw a series on Netflix called Trese it not a movie but it an animated series with a bit of magic involved and I highly recommend! :D

groovy horrror scifi

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There's a movie that stuck in my head that I watched at a horror festival about four years ago called DRY BLOOD.
It's a low budget horror made with passion about a guy who goes to isolate in a cabin so he can go cold turkey from the drugs.
There's a female actress who is slightly off with her acting but it's nothing major yet it's avery creepy and shocking film.
They did not have the money to distribute it and it took about three years to finally get a release but it's so bloody good, I highly recommend it


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Human 2015
The film Human touches upon the actual topic of what makes us human beings. There are many shots in the film in which they show absolutely different people according to their religion, nationality, skin color, these are both men and women of different ages and all these people live in various parts of our world.

And each of them briefly talks about his life, about his problems, joys, sorrows, that is, shares something that may be intimate and important to him. This is about love and about what they have achieved in life, what they still wanted to achieve, there are childhood memories and discussions about poverty and wealth. Watch the trailer before watching.