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YouTube Question New to YouTube


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My name is Alessandro, and I've just started a vlog channel...I think.
I've uploaded some content, all optimized using TubeBuddy.
My broad topic is mindset.
In my channel I had some videos of work things that I also optimized with TubeBuddy.
I decided to have a schedule of 2 videos per week.
Wednesday and Friday at 5PM (EST).
Some content is already uploaded and optimized.
I'm posting the new videos on Reddit and Facebook, but I say clearly that I don't do sub 4 sub.
Also, as far I can see, these postings are not generating views.
I'm viewing my own content with some account I have to try to see if I can create some traction but for now, I don't feel that my videos are getting any.
How should I position my mindset?
What should I expect regarding views, subs...you know, positive effects.
Sorry for my newbie question but...I'm a newbie!
Thank you
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Beanie Draws

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Welcome to YouTube :)

I'd stop thinking about sub and view numbers. If you focus too much on it, it will get you depressed if you set your expectations unrealistically. The beginning uphill path is also a time consuming one. You have to focus on this being a long term journey.
Do you read some of those trending videos with millions of views, and read the comments that frequently say "Who else is getting this video recommended in 2021?" and the video it'self might be from 2011. Some videos take a few months to start gaining momentum, some might never get any traction. I've made a few stinker videos,

the way I keep a positive mindset whenever a video performs poorly, are the words of Brian G Johnson "success will be found in the next video"

That's not to say your next video will do any better, but the concept and mantra, is to focus on making your next video better than your last., if it doesn't perform, try and make the NEXT video better.

Gary Vee is a famous business owner with millions of subscribers. Apparently it took him 7 years to get his first 1000 or 100,000.

I have friends who've gotten 100k in less then a year, and it took me 6 years to get 30k. Do I wish I had more? sure, everyone wants success, but realistically my journey is my own, and their journey is theirs.

It took me 30 videos before I hit my first 100 subscribers. Some people get 100 subscribers in their first 5 or 10. Some won't get 100 subscribers even with 1000 videos.

Focus on making good content and everything else will come in it's own time, when it's meant to come.

The Scripting Guys

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I would recommend setting a video goal and focus on that, don't focus on analytics or subs bc that will make you stop. So set a video goal like 100 or 50 videos before the summer and you will focus on that.


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I'm sorry for this late reply. Thank you for your thoughts. I'm keeping a regular upload every Wednesday and Friday at 5PM (EST). I hope that this will help the overall YouTube algorithm. I'm not even looking at analytics yet because I think that it's still too soon to have a real data to guide my thoughts. I'm just posting but noticing that there are no views. Just mine and some friends. Anyway, thank you again!