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Question Search volume vs. # of monthly searches


New Member
This is in regard to Keyword Explorer.

Based on reading other threads (including this post from a few days ago, as well as this older thread one), I understand that if "# of Monthly Searches" does not appear, it's either because:
  1. There's insufficient volume of search
  2. There's no data for that particular keyword (due to the crazy number of keyword possibilities and limitations regarding getting ALL data)
That makes sense, I get it.

However, when this happens, I've noticed that "Search Volume" will still return a value.

For example I got results back for a keyword I researched. There were no "# of Monthly Searches", yet under "Search Volume" it was showing "Excellent".

What is the "Excellent" assessment based upon?

Surely if the data isn't available, shouldn't "Search Volume" simply show "N/A" or similar?

Or is it able to make the "Excellent" assessment based off other metrics? And if so, which ones?