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YouTube Tips Being A YouTuber Is Like...

Brave Starr

Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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Being A YouTuber Is Like... Taking a long trip around the country in a car. The journey will be long but getting there is half the fun. Throughout the journey, there will be obstacles, sharp turns, and lots of traffic. You'll have to stop from time to time to fill up the tank. Take a bit to eat and use the restroom. Sleep is a necessity thus you risk getting into an accident. As you drive along the long, winding roads you'll meet other drivers, upgrade your vehicle, learn how to take shortcuts, and even leave your mark on every location you go through.

Now, some of you may think this long journey is boring and you're not getting the most out of it from the start. But sometimes you have to remember, it's not always about the destination. The journey there also matters. And if you're not enjoying the journey you may as well stay home and try something else. Cause patience is a must in this journey.


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And time goes by when you have fun, so the more you have fun, the quicker you get to your destination.