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Gaming If Only Quality Mattered More Than Profits In Game Developement

Brave Starr

Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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So it seems that CyberPunk 2077 has joined the likes of games like No Man's Sky and Anthem where trying to get people to pay for the game after all the hype was more important than providing a quality game with as few flaws and glitches as possible that don't break the experience from the start. But it seems that profits are the driving force in a lot of these gaming companies and that's why I don't always risk paying for a game when it's newly released.

The Call Of Duty series often has a lot of issues during the first month of release but rarely have I seen the problems break the game in a way that mass amounts of people want their money back. Even a game like PUBG which spent more than a year as an early access game that cost $30 USD even back then has tons of problems still these days but they have never amounted to a need to issue refunds and become the butt of every joke ok Twitter for weeks. PUBg developers' biggest mistake was taking too long to fix problems while focusing too much on skins and such.

This is why gamers should be careful with spending money on AAA titles even when your favorite content creator is saying the game is fantastic based on limited creator access testing. It's OK to wait a few weeks even if you're not the first to upload content for the game to your channel.