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YouTube Question Do you get more attention if you are physically attractive ?


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For example, these two channels have their content on the same niche, both have a high quality content on every aspect. But one of them are physically attractive, like Ken and Barbie and the other one is not. Do both channel will get the same attention or the one with more physically attractive will get the most views ?


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Well, attractiveness is mostly subjective. But sadly we live in a time where looks matter to a lot of people, especially for female content creators. One needs only to look at a place like Twitch to see that a lot of the top female streamers happen to be very attractive women as well as great streamers/gamers. I personally don't believe it's a coincidence though I will admit they deserve their fame because they are really good at creating content in most cases. I can't deny I avoid watching female streamers often because I'm a married man and my wife is the jealous type and will never believe I watch for the content (in my case gameplay of games I enjoy watching) and not because she might be very pretty or dressed in a way that will call a man's (or woman's) attention.

It shouldn't really matter if the content is good but that's how things tend to be these days.

Just my 2 cents.


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Click bait abounds because it works, so yes the physically attractive presenters will get more attention. But, remember 2 things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and accept the fact that we are all human and in general fairly simple beings..............

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Yes... beauty is going to make a difference. That is the way people are wired and that is just a sad fact of our society. No, that is not likely the case in the example you mention; there are FAR more variables that go into play than just whether someone is more attractive or not. I firmly believe that personality goes further than beauty... and knowledge/skill/sense of humor also all come in to play. But in the case mentioned above I would imagine the difference has more to do with audience retention due to editing style, where their impressions are coming from... things like that. It has to do with the quality of the content being published (as perceived by their individual audiences) more than aesthetics.


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Young, female and physically attractive. When you're the opposite of all three (looks in mirror), you really have your work cut out LOL.


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Well to be honest. As long as the Content is good I don't think it has that much of an impact. But on the other hand people might also say it wouldn't hurt to be easy on the eyes I guess‍♂