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Thumbnail Feedback Want To Improve Your Thumbnails? PicsArt and Snapseed can help and save time!

Kevin Cross

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I just wanted to share two mobile apps that I have started using recently PicsArt and also Snapseed! If for example I am making a thumbnail for the popular game Fortnite I download a Background cc for Fortnite then add it to PicsArt. This is great for adding text, stickers and by searching the term Fortnite i can add stickers of carachters from the game and rotate them posistion them and increase or decrease the size. Once I have what I need I save the image to my phone, then I open up Snapseed and add the image I just created from PicsArt It has lot's of effects one I really love is one called Pop which makes the image stand out. Then I add an effect called Glamour Glow which improves the lighting e.t.c. Then I save the image which can be uploaded via creator studio to YouTube. The whole process takes on average 3-5 minutes. Hope you enjoy these tools as much as I do!!


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picsart is good. Canva in also a similar one to try
Im a fan of Canva.. i started without thumbnail when uploading videos. my son thought me and this is how i started to be a creative as best i could (in my opinion).

I dont receive any comments from my audience if they like my thumbnail.. is it normal thou?

Hope to be a good artist making thumbnail to get some attentions since im still learning to have a good content. Take care

Amy Richardson

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Well its 100% true. If you are a youtuber or you wanna edit your photos then Picsart is the best choice for you. You can make professional and High quality thumbnails. To get access to picsart mod apk download at thepicsartapk.com.
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