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Thumbnail Feedback Want To Improve Your Thumbnails? PicsArt and Snapseed can help and save time!

Kevin Cross

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I just wanted to share two mobile apps that I have started using recently PicsArt and also Snapseed! If for example I am making a thumbnail for the popular game Fortnite I download a Background cc for Fortnite then add it to PicsArt. This is great for adding text, stickers and by searching the term Fortnite i can add stickers of carachters from the game and rotate them posistion them and increase or decrease the size. Once I have what I need I save the image to my phone, then I open up Snapseed and add the image I just created from PicsArt It has lot's of effects one I really love is one called Pop which makes the image stand out. Then I add an effect called Glamour Glow which improves the lighting e.t.c. Then I save the image which can be uploaded via creator studio to YouTube. The whole process takes on average 3-5 minutes. Hope you enjoy these tools as much as I do!!


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picsart is good. Canva in also a similar one to try
Im a fan of Canva.. i started without thumbnail when uploading videos. my son thought me and this is how i started to be a creative as best i could (in my opinion).

I dont receive any comments from my audience if they like my thumbnail.. is it normal thou?

Hope to be a good artist making thumbnail to get some attentions since im still learning to have a good content. Take care