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YouTube Opinion What is your biggest STRENGTH as a creator?

Beanie Draws

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I've been a bit hard on myself the last few weeks. I've been trying to craft some decent edits, trying to learn about analytics (I'm a very slow learner) and learning about systems takes me longer than I'd like. This audio I'm currently editing highlights my weaknesses of talking and presenting, I ramble and go on tangents which requires a LOT of editing.

In a quiet moment of sitting and contemplating and feeling sorry for myself, I had to remind myself... while some areas take me a lot longer to learn than others... I feel I'm pretty damn good at drawing. I wouldn't have nearly 30k subs if I didn't have at least some level of drawing skills. I keep getting complimented on my friendly nature (even if I can be a bit short and harsh with my help at times), I get compliments in my comments on how I've helped people become better at drawing, how I've helped inspire people to draw more, and I feel I've helped people get a better understanding of some basic YouTube concepts, and when things get a bit tough, to take a breath and realize there's more to life than subscriber counts. It's what you do for others that counts.

We might not be great at everything we want to be great at, but it's important to recognize what you ARE good at.

So as I remind myself that I have plenty of skills, when I feel a bit down for being slow at other things, I want you to remind yourself, and share with us, what you think your STRENGTHS are. I'm already noticing a lot of strengths in different areas in our community over here :)

Damo’s Paintings

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@Beanie Draws awesome post man, I have a lot of weaknesses, but I’m not gonna get into those (at least for now), but my strengths, the very few that I have for my channel, are my editing skills, remaining happy and positive and passionate when filming myself even though life occasionally likes to chuck a lemon, and making videos while raising my daughter, something I knew wouldn’t be easy but just did it anyways, and found it was harder than imagined, but nonetheless I managed to get 80+ videos uploaded!

Stanley | Team TB

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Seeing outside the box... weird 'skill' but it allows me to see creative camera angles, come up with different ideas (for what is often the same fishing trip over and over lol) and take a different approach to things than people normally do.


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Making lemonade (not the actually lemonade, but maybe I will in the future). I usually have a recipe and an outline when I go to shoot. But rarely what I envision gets recorded onto the card. A lot of what is in the final product is built in editing.

ES Vlogs

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I never gave up. Thats my strength, at least thats what I feel my strength is. In the beginning when I wanted to start my channel I was so afraid to talk in front of camera. Being a vlog channel I needed to talk all the time in front of camera. I used yt to overcome my fear. Now I can talk without any fear for 2-3 mins straight or more if needed.
PS: I make travel and car videos in Tamil.