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Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?


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You can drive some traffic from Facebook groups who are interested in the content that you're creating. But not much. It's hard to get people to jump platforms imo

Rise Of Jay Cee

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For my experience:
Facebook - mainly promotion is done through groups if you can find the right audience
Reddit - just like the above. I believe it much affective as I able to gain 200 views alone from it
TikTok - no idea. I might try to get into it as a lot of people mentioning about it
Instagram - unless you have a huge follower and have close connection with them (not just stranger), it won't help much. It like out of those 100 followers, only like 10 - 20 people might watch your videos


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What is the best social media that will help anyone grow a channel?
I've always thought instagram was the way to go. But seeing how TikTok is on fire right now that is probably the best way to help grow your channel. Though I'm not really a fan of it considering all the cringy videos posted on there. But oh well right?


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For me Facebook is a great magnet for my vids. I post sometimes only rush or trailer of my vids, and the "friends" come to YT to watch the complet vids.


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I've been getting most of my external traffic from Facebook. The best way to use Facebook is to find groups in your niche or area of interest. For example, my channel is about doll collecting, so I promote videos on Facebook groups like "Barbie Collectors" or "Fashion Dolls Lovers". It's very difficult to get people from one platform to another, so I would not rely heavily on social media.


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I see a lot of people mentioning TikTok without actually saying why. I myself don't really have the confidence to make dance videos or any of the sorts.

So the question is if I don't have the content to share, how in the world would you gain subscribers from the platform?

Jumping on trending TikTok videos and telling people to go subscribe to your channel would just be considered spam and you'll lose your TikTok account pretty quickly I'm sure.

So for those that have mentioned TikTok, how have you gone about gaining subscribers from the platform? I suppose that same question goes for Instagram.

Pete A Turner

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The answer is, whatever channel you find the most fun to use. Maybe it's TikTok...where to people talk to you already? Simply saying, "If you like this check out my YouTube channel" isn't enough. You have to proactively engage people on the platform that you choose.
Some questions to ask yourself.
1. What's my target demo?
2. What platform do they go to
3. Do I want to be on the platform, a LOT.
4. How long do I spend on the platform before I reassess
5. Should I focus on YouTube and just build my audience there
6. Should I work on my production, concepts and content?

If you go through these 6 questions. You'll have a better sense for what you are willing to do.

The bottom line is this, we can all suggest an app to focus on....but we won't have the answer for you.

It's all work.


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For me, Reddit has been the most successful, but I'm not that successful marketing on other social media


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I cant get along with reddit. Maybe i dont understand it but each time i try to promote any video in any group it gets blocked/banned etc. I add the flair thing as it asks and still no good. I mainly use facebook!