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Thumbnail Feedback Too 'plain Jane'?


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Here are my thoughts. The food image seems a bit dark to me and the text section could be smaller and the lettering should be centered. You want the text to stand out but not by sacrificing the food image. The food should be center stage.

Beanie Draws

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My goal was simple but still able to stand out a bit. Thoughts? It's also a template I use for all the cooking vids so far.

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I quite like it in terms of photo, color choice and font choice. I am however wondering who chris is (i assume it's you) and I'm wondering why it's spelled Cooke rather than cook. I did a Google and "Cooke" is a brand name. I wasn't sure if Cooke is a different way of spelling like Australia has Colour, and America has Color.

I'm also wondering if the "Yorkshire Puddings" should be more important than Cooke Like Chris. I'd flip the two in terms of size (also be mindful of time stamps, timestamps cut off the bottom right of thumbnails)

Unlike the others, I'd advise against centering the text. I like its alignment flat against the photo.

It's not often that I like wordy typography, the colours (normally I hate blue as text, but against the slight greenish yellow, they actually complement each other) and in small thumbnail view, the very subtle drop shadow you've applied gives it a very subtle depth and really does look quite profession.

I would tinker with the brightness a little bit, but other than "Cooke" and the weather Yorkshire Puddings should be more important than Cooke... I think this is a really nice thumbnail and an example others could use on how to use wordy thumbs effectively.

Let us know what kind of CTR you end up getting for this one, I'd love to know :)


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Thanks for all the feedback folks! Some great notes that'll definitely tinker with.

p.s. Chris Cooke is the character name. The actual full title of the show is Cooke like Chris with Chris Cooke.