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Instagram Potential way to stream to Instagram via DeskTop "YellowDuck tv" have you heard of it?

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Now just a word of warning, I've not tested this because it requires you to use your instagram login to login to the program which I'm not 100% sure yet, but there's a streaming service called "yellowduck" that claims to be able to stream to Instagram via OBS which is famously not possible usually. I haven't done a huge amount of research on them, and their twitter has only been around since July 2019.

Like any new service that pops up, you want to do a bit of research first before you use it to login to anyway. I haven't read any complains about the service which is a positive sign, and all streaming services have to start from somewhere, and there's always a level of trust building involved which is why I wouldn't use it without testing on a test instagram account first.

Also... using an 3rd party streaming service to stream to Instagram MIGHT be against their terms of service as well, but like I said, do your research, maybe find a safe way to test it. I've read no complaints about the software it'self being malicious which seems to indicate that this is kind of a startup streaming workaround for Instagram and I find it very interesting.