Question Do Title Brackets Affect Keyword SEO?


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Hi there,

I've been doing some keyword research for my beat videos and have decided to pursue 'free pop smoke type beat 2020'.

I want to title my videos like this ;

[FREE] Pop Smoke Type Beat 2020 - "Beat Title"

But when I do this Tubebuddy doesn't recognise it as the keyword and my score in SEO studio halves.

Does using brackets in my title affect my keyword SEO? Or is this a kind of malfunction in Tubebuddy?

I've read that breaking up the title with brackets can increase CTR by 38%.

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance


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Stanley Orchard

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I am afraid there isn't a straight up solution to this. Punctuation of any kind (including brackets) is taken into account for the characters used in search... so yes your brackets are getting in the way a bit. That is part of the value of TubeBuddy tools like this, to let you know how they will affect your SEO.

I also use breaks in my titles and I will use a keyword that flows across that break... but never my primary keyword (I try to naturally 'cram' two or three keyword phrases into my titles when I can).