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Why did we stop?!

In this weeks episode i'm pondering our reduced desire to ask questions...

As children we probably drove our parents up the walls with the constant request of "Why"....

So when did we stop, and Why did we stop?!

Here's my take on this subject and why it is important to ask why.

#Why #AskQuestions #AskForMore #ThreeQuotesThursday

View: https://youtu.be/8pllc07biu8


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View: https://youtu.be/3cWyKWkTMX0

i am trying something new here, with a slight pivot based on my previous content. I was not really growing with my other Let's plays and I am suspect the issue was the topics and keywords were just super competitive so i had 0 chance of being picked up by the algorithm.
When using tubebuddy keyword explorer any relevant tags i could find for those videos never scored more than 20.

this latest video has at least half my keywords/tags scoring 50+ so i am hoping to see some success with this one.


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View: https://youtu.be/mcYs83nvY5Y

This video is related to a game I play and part of the game is opening crystals to get champions. In this video, I open a 5 star on my birthday (which is today) to see if my birthday brought me luck.