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The Jungle Explorer

I should have been born 200 years ago!
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I may need to go back Go-pros myself.
Thanks. I was on vacation in Colorado. My daughter won a package at a charity auction for a five-day stay at a ski resort. It is in the summer so it was cheap, because everything is shut down. I don't like snow, so it was great for me! :grinning: Found this little lake down the road and just killed the trout in it with the grandkids. The first time I have really gotten to take them fishing, so I was hero grandpa for the day. They had so much fun it drew a bunch of kids to our location and, (I know you know the look), those poor kids just stood there with those eyes that said, "I want to catch a fish too". I could not take it, so I asked one of them to come over and catch a fish. He was reluctant at first, but he was soon hooked into a huge Rainbow (the biggest one caught that day). That was it, soon kids from all over the lake were lining up and one by one I helped them catch their first fish, or the first trout. The parents showed up and I gave everyone a class on how to set up the rig I was using and they were also grateful. I was completely exhausted by the time I was done, but that night I decided to go back and make the video. It just makes me so sad that there are countless kids out there with parents that do not know how to help them fish. And you know they want really to. Anyway, I was on vacation, but fortunately, I had brought along an action camera. I hook it up to an external battery so I did not have to worry about running out of power and fishing. I think it turned out pretty good considering.

The eel is not in Okuma. It is just the smallest spinning reel I could find on Amazon. It is a Yumoshi Mini 150.

It is pretty tiny. After I made the video I went to another lake and caught this massive Rainbow in the same Ultralight rig. It handled it well.


Ronaldo Pereira

R&K Relaxing Nature
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Sleeping rain sound, relaxing rain noise in misty forest without thunder. Listen for 5 minutes to the relaxing rain noise, the sound of real rain in the misty forest without thunder to sleep soundly fast for several hours. The video with rain sound for sleep is 10 hours long, great to listen to when you go to sleep.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrDhSObDbnM