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YouTube Opinion Update Your Old Videos Day

Jeffrey Powers

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If you want more subs, more views, more likes, then sometimes it's all about straightening up what you already have out there.

Yesterday, I saw a video I posted last year jump up in analytics (mostly due to holiday shopping). I went to that video, and found it to be vastly outdated in SEO.

With YouTube making changes in the last year, adding new ideas to old videos can help your overall views. This is what I did:

- Added Chapter markers
- Added key Hashtags
- Updated the Description
- Updated tags
- Curated comments (Very important to weed out the spam posts, like good ones, and reply to some of them)

I try to do this every Monday to any video that I deem "Evergreen" content. The more old videos you update, the more people find the older, then find the newer content.

I also find videos that could use a major update, so I put it on the schedule to record. The old video gets set to "Unlisted" and the description starts with "New version here -(link)".

If you are not spending time looking at older videos and updating the contents, you might be missing out on ways to increase viewership.

kitchen c/o ammama

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I absolutely agree with you. I remember one video which I posted an year back and back then I thought I can't make it any better in terms of SEO.

Now, for the same video , I found soo many things to change and update for better (Tubebuddy helped me of course)

Thank you for sharing it !

Beanie Draws

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I have over 180 views, many of them several years old so I'm always updating old videos with bad practices and trying to give them the 2020 update treatment, including thumbnail updates :)