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Gear Question Macbook air 2020


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Short answer - it is fine for HD (1080p) video but may struggle a bit with 4k.

Long answer - if the main thing you will use it for is creative/media work, Apple makes the Macbook Pro specifically for that purpose. You can find better performing Windows laptops in the same price range as the Macbook Air.

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I have the 13' 2020 Air I3, as SILTHW said 1080 is ok but not if you are going to heavily color grade it and add titles and lower thirds to your videos, you will get a lot of stutter.

As for 4k, I had to drop my videos to 1080, as it would freeze up and stutter horribly.

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I'd personally go with a 13" macbook pro. They're more forgiving in what they can do. MacBook Air's have really only really been designed for school work, study, office kind of things like word processing, web browsing, not a whole lot more. The lighter and thinner the computer, the less room to breath, less room for processors and graphics cards. Heck, my old 15 inch macbook pro from 10 years ago would constantly thermal throttle for overheating. Video editing and any kind of content creating really, is very graphics and processor resource heavy and a MacBook Air really isn't designed for that. You'll be frustrated with it within a year I'm sure. Doug Hewson had a MacBook air and it would constantly struggle to even livestream from.

At minimum I'd go with a 13" MacBook Pro with a thunderbolt port so you can get yourself an external graphics card enclosure for a bit of upgradability and longevity.