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YouTube Question YouTube Shorts

Damo’s Paintings

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My guesstimation is maybe just keep uploading with #shorts in the title, very much like normal videos, just gotta keep going and YouTubes algorithm will eventually pick it up and place it there, according to what I’ve learnt about it so far.

I’m gonna pull the plug on doing YouTube shorts myself, experimented with it and basically got the hint from the data.

Beanie Draws

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How do I get my videos ranked in YouTube Shorts?
No idea yet, very little is known about it, or at least I know very little about it. Haven’t even seen it on the app yet. All I know is some folks are either making entirely new channels just for their shorts, or adding shorts onto their channel with some sort of #shorts hashtag or something like that.

either way. It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens