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Video Review New experiment - Video within a Video - Good idea???


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User name: EnglishwithLiz
Title of thread: New experiment - Video within a Video - Good idea???
Self review: I am trying to develop more upbeat and engaging teaching videos, so created a fast paced video within the lesson to highlight vocabulary and issues on the subject. I think the video within the video, which is at 0:45 seconds in, works well but does not sit well within the rest of the lesson, so I am looking for feedback/ideas on how I can make it better, as I think overall I would mark it 5/10 lol
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://youtu.be/9PVlfwj6_pE

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/33030/post-100528


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I really liked the video, the use of all that b-roll at the beginning part was great.

I totally don't mind the video within a video approach as you provided context at the beginning, but I could even say that the initial bit about the environment almost seemed too distant from your ultimate content, which is getting people to learn new English terms.

Also, I wasn't 100% sure whether or not this was for ESL (English as a Second Language) or native English speakers who might just be younger and still learning all the ins and outs of the language. I think your content, after reading your about and such on the channel, is geared more toward ESL people. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Two things I'd stress: Pre-amble the screens that zip by a bit by stating the purpose and that the viewer will want to pause the video to read them, even then elongate each of those screens by 1-3 seconds beyond what they are currently at. I'd also have all the vocabulary before the opinion AND the other text bit as that text uses those terms. Second, the essay where all the vowels are stressed, I figured that bit on my own, but still had to go back to double-check to that purple screen and found I was correct when the screen that briefly explained the red lettering's purpose. Here though, I'd add to the video about stresses and how it works in English, but again that is probably a topic for another time.

Another opportunity you could make in this kind of video is introducing rhetorical structure and methods (maybe for much more advanced people and future videos).

Ultimately, I think if I found this video I wouldn't know 100% who the audience is: school-aged kids, non-native speakers, or both; so I think maybe make that clear at the beginning.

Visually: I liked the ring lighting and the contrast between you and the background with the bokeh. I did notice the light flickering like when you record a monitor and the refresh rate doesn't match the aperture speed of the camera. Not a huge deal but check your aperture speed to be 1/50 if you're filming at 24fps or 1/60 if filming at 30. Not sure if that will fix the light flicker. Also, you present yourself very well and are super engaging. :)

Hope what I said makes sense.

Never thought my years of teaching ESL and rhetoric would come in handy again. :)


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@EnglishwithLiz it's hard to really add much that @MiddleofKnowhere didn't cover. Heck, he even covered the flicker.

I'm coning at this more from a language-learning-convention perspective. The video introduces a lot of intermediate vocabulary fast. It feels like one of those things that should be built part at a time. As in, show a part, break it down, show the next part, break it down, etc. Then a full play through and final discussion.

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Hi video within a video is a good idea I use that technique on my music reaction show. There’s so much that you can create by doing a video within a video. Do you have a creative mind? Well according to your current graphic you clearly do. All the best


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ignoring the subject at hand because it is highly up for debating. I am not going to touch that I just want to review your video and be honest with you.
the idea of a video within a video is fine. you executed it well. the video quality is great, you were great. however. I believe your fitting way to much information into a short video. You have good hooks so i would use them. for what i am about to say. make the video longer. I dont know how long but enough to do the entire video. just add chapters to it. Why am I saying all this? you just jammed a ton of information at me in 5 minutes I will be honest I did not get much out of it. only information I got out of it was we are destroying our world, and you gave examples and you backed it up by a UN report. Now lets dig in deeper

You stated what you were gonna do did your intro fantastic, you rolled your video in a video fantastic and the video was VERY WELL DONE. However. when it came to terms you should show up again warn your audience your going to show the slide of terms and that they need to pause, This is one way to solve the problem. However, This is not what I would do. Youtube loves people watching longer. so longer videos is good if you can keep their attention. your upbeat voice and your attitude alone can help keep retention. So I propose you freeze that slide of terms and you read it to the audience. or do a slide show and read it to the audience or even. get a screen up either by projector or a green screen and get a teacher yard stick and go over by reading the terms and what they mean and explain them. take time with your terms. this was way to fast i did learn one term I am sorry. Whenever you have text, I would stop let it be up and explain it or even better explain it like your a teacher in the classroom by showing it on the wall so you can point at it they can see you interacting with them its like a real vitural class room. I think you will be able to retain the audience a lot longer and make the video longer in your benefit.

So you have three options give a warning and tell your audience they will need to pause and read.
Pause on the slide and read it to your audience
or set it up to where to can physically on camera point to the words and tell them what they and and explain. - this is my favorite option. and this is very easily done. rather by a TV you can use to put the slides up, a green screen, a protector, w/e your budget is whatever you have. - or even print them out if you got a big printer - it will make it feel like a classroom which i think its cool to do this.

I think this will make your quality of the video to go up. the video inside the video is not the issue it is presenting a lot of information and you want to do it the right way. so they understand it more. i felt like you were throwing stuff at me and i had no time to respond it was gone.

You don't have to do what I say but I think I have given you good 3 different ways to engage more into your own content that you already created. explain it better, and dont rush it. you got the skills you got the talent i would present it to them slowly.

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I thought this was really well done. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on and what the question was, but in hindsight I see what you are doing and I totally agree with it.

I am sure that makes a positive difference on retention, right? It was very early in the video but it should still reflect in your retention graph whether it was a successful use of element or something that your audience just wasn't in to.


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I thought this was really well done. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on and what the question was, but in hindsight I see what you are doing and I totally agree with it.

I am sure that makes a positive difference on retention, right? It was very early in the video but it should still reflect in your retention graph whether it was a successful use of element or something that your audience just wasn't in to.
oh, I have to pick your brain on this. because I don't understand. expanding that video to explain terms is a bad idea?