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Other Social Media Why would I need Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or TikTok?


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A lot of YouTubers have these, but I don't see the purpose of having these myself.
If I want to post a picture of something, I post it on Facebook.
If I want to capture something on the video, I post it on YouTube, whether it's a full video or YouTube relation.
I don't want to have these media just to reupload stuff from FB and YT, because "it's more popular".
Personally if I'd ever have this, I'd have a person hired to take care of these accounts.


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I can't stand Instagram. One of the reasons is it doesn't have a direct link to Youtube. I like Facebook. I have never tried TIK TOK. Have you ever tried Pinterest? If so, what are your thoughts?

Kari B

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I have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So far I've had no engagement through Twitter as all, but I don't really use it much apart from sharing video links.
I used to post my videos to my Facebook page but I found some views didn't show up on YouTube, it was easier to share the video links but I didn't get much engagement.
My best has been Instagram, because I'm a travel channel I post a lot of location pictures and have had people follow me on Instagram and then subscribe on YouTube to see the related video - I just wish it was easier to link my videos on there.
tiktok seems to be popular at the moment and I've seen a lot of people in groups saying they grew their YT channels quickly because they already had a following and they have moved from tiktok to YouTube given its current issues.

I guess it depends on your niche which social media will help, if any, to grow your channel.