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YouTube Question What do you find the most challenging aspect of YouTube (don't say getting subs or views)


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one of the hardest things is consistency with posting due to motivation since your motivation levels can change depending on the week. also since consistency with posting is so important, missing posting dates is not going to help your channel grow.


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I think one of the biggest challenges I struggle with is in relation to time management and really staying consistent - there are my off times where it's so easy to be consistent once I get the ball rolling but then there is when I'm in uni taking classes where it just feels like a daily grind of attending classes, doing assignments, or just trying to relax by being mentally drained and for me, it's just so easy to mentally disconnect and default to playing video games and not want to put the time and energy to really dive into creating content.


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Editing time. Mistake I made was because of that I got into live streaming using streamyard and so lost most of my viewers. I am going back to making a video, editing then uploading. No more live streaming unless it is short and hot topics like I was doing before.


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Ideas I feel it's easier for me because it's the "tech community". But if you are in other categories it most likely harder to come up with ideas for videos. Then sooner or later you are changing your content drastically to be like others. Along with this, I would include being consistent there will be times where you really just wanna give up but if you wanna see the improvement you have to keep improving your channel.


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For me it’s the disappointment of working really hard on a video for it to flop. I feel like my videos have been hit or miss with many of the most recent ones being a big miss.

it’s not “subs or views” directly (which is what you asked us not to say), but it’s the disappointment of putting something out there for it to just not perform.


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Hey There,

I think right now, its the post production process for videos. Its not necessarily difficult to record several hours worth of footage for a gaming channel but putting that footage together in premiere pro, using photoshop to make interesting images, making cuts and trying to put my own spin on entertainment for a horror gameplay/horror funny moment video definately takes hours and I end up watching a specific piece of editted content 3-5 times to make sure it feels and flows right. This often results in it taking way longer then it should to do maybe 30s to 1 minute of a part of a video and because Im still learning sometimes I end up realizing the edit is not very good and toss it.

I think as I get more experience as I push myself more and more, I'l get more comfortable and find how I like to make my videos as right now Im just throwing things at the wall and taking inspiration from what I like and what I feel viewers would like.

Necessarily Naj

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I have a few challenging aspects.
1. The editing process is looooooong geez!
2. I have not yet attained that "on-camera comfortability", I still feel super awkward and it shows...my first video was a cringefest.
3. Knowing what keywords and content will gain traction.