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Channel Review Feedback on thumbnails


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User name: heaven1983
Title of thread: Feedback on thumbnails
Self review: I recreated my thumbnail to give my channel a way to stand out. They are bright and there are a lot of colors involved, which resonate with my daughter's personality. She's energetic, full of fun, and happy always. I'm not always the best person for color combination and I was wondering if you guys could provide me a feedback or two on my thumbnail's overall look. The thumbnail is pretty standard across all of my thumbnails just to help people recognize that when they see my Tnails, that those videos are mine. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK-vjLXc1WJpw1xPB2f9jlw
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/31297/


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For me colours are OK and your daughter's pictures look great but the thumbnail for me is too busy and does not convey a clear message, maybe ditch some icons. The words on the thumb could be bigger and they do not relate to the title. IMO for a new channel any thumb words and title need to be written in searchable terms. Follow the TB suggestions on this and you will not go too far wrong

Sayandip Basak

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Thumbnails looks good and its attractive. Maybe try out different postures of your daughter while keeping a similar background. Three out of 4 video thumbnails have the same posture which can be easily be mistaken by a viewer as an older video. Rest looks awesome

CT Gena

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I think these thumbnails are pretty darn good. I like that they are fairly consistent in the format. I like how the yellow text on the red is legible from my phone. It looks like you are reusing the same picture in many of these. And there are a couple where all the added stickers may be too much. But overall, they look great.

Outlaw Garage

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The only thing I would add is similar to the comments above, I like the test on the images but I think the text thickness is too thin. The text is hard to read on my laptop so would be even harder on a phone. I think you either remove the text or make it thinker and easier to read. If you do this you may need to look at how busy the thumbnail is.

I'm never sure if writing is good on a thumbnail or not but just see what works for you.

Have you tried changing the thumb nail after a week. I have to admit I've never done it but I hear some people try it to tune the thumbnail.


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Well I guess most of fruitful answers were already above, thin-font need to be fixed
Color looks great, and color of font is also fine, just this thin-font is not letting me see clear text with some distance
I use different gears to check my thumbnails if that's enough or not
I check with my mobile, and then I check with my iPad, and then finally I check with my PC (which the screen is quite huge)
most of cases, I can see clear on my phone or iPad, but sometimes it doesn't really clear on PC screen which means I need to amend something about font, like thickness, color, location, or etc
TB is giving you tips about thumbnails, and also there are many other lessons which can give you an better idea about it

Volquez Robloxx

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Hey, id say maybe animating the thumbnail a bit more or creating a cartoon version of your daughter. This will attract lots of attention (IMO)


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I think your thumbnails are dead on, these are what people are looking for, can i name drop? i'm a qoute mr. beast its all about that thumbnail, state something exciting, show exciting reaction. you nailed it in my personal opinion so did liz. my thumbnails are trash. but I dont honestly know what to do about it. meh. thats for another thread :p


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Your thumbnails are very eye catching with your children. I think updating the text font to be more thicker as sometimes there isn't enough contrast between text and image to read it clearly. I like how you created different playlist (?) where you separate popular, DIY, Fun activities groups to make it easier to find different types of videos. What I found hard was, what I would get out of watching these videos. The topics were all over the place but having the group helped narrow things down a bit. Maybe 1 thumbnail theme per group? This way people can tell what kind of video they are quickly based on the the thumbnail theme


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I think the thumbnails are great & consistent. I would say you should probably not add too many words because the pictures are already colourful. Perhaps minimising the amount of words you put on and stick to a few keywords on the thumbnail