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Video Review what is your opinion for what i should do here

Stanley | Team TB

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interesting. I am intrigued by your editing style and your comedic delivery. I'm going to be absolutely straight with you in order to help you improve, so please bear with me.

I like that the video is short. I couldnt handle this style of humor for longer than a minute, at least not without a little substance. It works fine for this short amount of time, but it is hard to compete for watchtime (or earn the watchtime needed for your monetization) on 50 second videos. So you will need to work towards imroving the underlying value of your video in order to make them longer, to carry your humor and to get more watchtime.

The audio was also a little bit of an issue. I could here the 'noise' of a cheap microphone. I'm not going to harass you about equipment issues (none of us can afford the equipment we WANT to use) but it seemed as though you were trying to cover poor audio by boosting the music. That made your audio harder to understand. And while visual representation on screen helps you cant lean quite so heavily into that.

I was impressed with the punchiness of your editing. You obviously have an understanding of your software. Keep cramming out videos and improving; you have a solid foundation for good content in the not-so-distant future.


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Hello TheoMegawolfmaster. The video is not working for me at any level. There is too much noise in the audio and there are too many blank screens in the video. On top of that your enunciation is not clear to me. Try to speak a little slower to improve on that. Also try to be in your video to build your brand. You are the face of the channel. Omgwolfmaster is an improvement from the original name but it is still too long. Try to go for something shorter. But the name is kind of catchy so if you stick to it, there's no harm in that. That is my honest opinion. Try to take it positively.