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Twitter What made you Join Twitter?


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I started out on twitter because of my Photography and sharing sightings of wildlife in my area, I use it for all things now lol, have just under 200 followers and post a link to all my videos to it


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OK, a fun story. I got a very early invite to twitter. For about 3 years I used it all the time. This is back in the early days of #followfriday when it really felt like a small community. Over time I lost interest and just more or less abandoned the account. About two years ago I decided to log into the old account. It ends up it had been hacked back in like 2014 and was used to upvote a bunch of arabic language posts. Then, the hacked account was hacked and used to publish phishing links. Then the hacked, hacked account was hacked and published a bunch of stuff in russian.

I was able to ultimately recover it by knowing the email address and phone number used when I created it, but I had to unfollow 1000s of weird, often nefarious accounts. I also had to purge 10000+ tweets.

I ended up giving up and starting a new account but I still have the old one since it is one of the early twitter accounts.

Now I've started yet-another new account for my podcast work. Back to square one...


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I joined Twitter because I love social media in general, I probably joined with one of my old accounts back in 2010 or 2011.