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YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.


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Very good tips explain through a video which is very beneficial for all to us. Your information will help in driving traffic to YouTube video and make your video more visible on search engines.


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My search click-through rate is 8.0%, and my impression click-through rate is 10%. Is it performing well?


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Really enjoy how much there is to still learn about this tool. Had no idea about the switch to incognito mode for search terms... something so basic too lol. Thanks Andrew,
I’m excited to explore your channel! We are also travel based, pretty new to this whole thing but I’m ready to learn and grow! As travelers know it’s all about the journey!!!


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I see a lot of people say statements as follow:

"I'm ranking in search, but I'm not getting views!?!" I wanted to take some time to explain why you may not be getting the views you want/ crave.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5kp4qv5dJM

Number 1: You Don't have Incognito Mode Set and are seeing biased results.

For starters, make sure you have your TubeBuddy set to INCOGNITO MODE!

View attachment 6661

You can tell if you have it set down here. This makes sure you see where you're ranking NOT LOGGED IN! YouTube gives biased results when you're logged in, so you want to see how you're ranking as if you've NEVER signed in before.

Number 2: You're ranking in search, but no one is clicking on your thumbnails.

This one is hard. A lot of times we THINK we have great thumbnails, but sadly our audience doesn't respond the way we would like. This is where impressions click through rate REALLY matter.

Impressions are when YouTube shows your Thumbnail in Search, related videos, and on the home page for at least a second. This matters because an impression means a new user saw it, and the CTR means when they saw it, they CLICKED THROUGH at a RATE to watch the videos (CTR).

To see this head to a YouTube Videos YouTube Analytics -> Reach Then click on impressions Click Through Rate, and then see more:

View attachment 6662

Once you click on SEE MORE you'll see the video's overall CTR, but we want to see how it's performing in search, so click on "Traffic Sources" here and it will reveal how your video's performing in SEARCH for it's thumbnail and title.

View attachment 6663

As you can see on my video here it's gotten 56,392 impressions and it has a 9.9% CTR in search so this video is performing well in search. This video is DESIGNED for search in mind, so for me this thumbnail is performing well.

If you're ranking, but not getting views check your impressions click through rate in search, and that can help you know if you need to make a change in the thumbnail. So you might be RANKING, but you're not getting anyone to click, so it doesn't matter if you show up, if no one interested in the video based on the title and thumbnail. NO one will click through, and watch the content stopping you from earning views.

Number 3: The Keyword you're targeting has too high of a view requirement for you to rank in.

Sometimes when doing TubeBuddy keyword research people don't understand how to read our scores. We understand, it can be a lot to take in :) Here's a quick video on how to read the scores:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbA5H-SCXic

Using that video as a reference point, we can see the idea of the minimum views required to reach the top 20 spots.

View attachment 6664

This term needs 101,000 VIEWS. I average 2,420 views. While that is good it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to reach that, so understanding that in the TubeBuddy weighted score... Which does require pro (Hey free trial if you haven't had one before: https://tubebuddy.com/freetrial)
However, it's impossible for me to rank for this term, so it's not possible right now. While there are 640,000 searches a month it's near impossible for me with 2,000+ views a video to rank.

The other side is there might just not be enough search a month to earn views. Some terms have 5,000 searches a month, and if you have a CTR (click through rate) of 10% in search that 500 views is about the max you could earn. A 10% CTR is on the high end of an average CTR which YT says an average CTR is between 2 - 10%.

Understanding all three helps you understand why you might not be getting views in search. People will blame either YouTube, TubeBuddy, but I always say the Data doesn't lie. Be sure to check it, and make sure you're doing all you can!

I hope this post helps shed some light, and I hope this makes it more clear!
Ooohhhh...I like this Keyword Explorer, would that be like Google Trends??