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YouTube Tips YouTube SEO: Hashtags and Youtube Links to Build

Beanie Draws

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Use up to 8 hashtags in your videos (NO more than 15 - Youtube will react to lots of tags). The Hashtag is not a Tag, and shouldn't be duplicating tags. Also keeping it simple #LongerHashtagsDoNothingForYou Good hashtags can be:
  1. #audio
  2. #Youtubetips
  3. #selfhelp
  4. #askmeanything
Hashtags also work in comments, so it's important to scan your comments from time to time (although you should do that regularly).
While the short hashtags like these COULD (I'm no SEO expert) bring people TO your video via search engines, wouldn't having such broad single word hashtags work AGAINST you once someone finds your video?

I'm not sure if people actually click the hashtags from an audience standpoint, so perhaps worrying about people leaving a video through hashtags might not actually be much of a concern, BUT if someone clicks #selfhelp #askmeanything #audio etc... they don't get taken to more of your videos, they get taken to EVERY video on youtube that's also used #audio, which is essentially leading people to your competition, and they might not necessarily come back. This is the concern Nick Nimmin and Dee Nimmin had initially when title tags came in.

With tags like this, I always feel it's better to make them a lot more targeted towards your own channel, so instead of just #Youtubetips (you'd be competing against the likes of Nick Nimmin etc) but if you went #JeffreyPowersYoutubetips while longer, means you're not competing with hundreds of other #Youtubetips and instead, you can easily lead people to more of your videos with the same #JeffreyPowersYoutubetips for example.

If I went #art I'd be competing with millions of artists, and if someone clicked #art my audience would be taken away from my video, and given a ton of other #art videos to choose from, leading them away from my channel. If I had #BeanieDraws then there's a lot less competition, I'm only competing with myself, or perhapse fans of mine that have made videos based on my videos, and used #BeanieDraws as community hashtag.

Thus I think hashtags are better as a community building targeted hashtag strategy rather than trying to gain views.

But maybe my understanding of hashtags is wrong and those hashtags DO bring more seo outside of YouTube, and lead search engines to possibly showing your videos more often, meaning the tradeoff of having people leave a video with the hashtag is still worth it in terms of GAINING the view from the hashtag?