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YouTube Question youtube as a business or a hobby


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Its a hobby for now and a future business in the long run. My aim in the future is to use my channel to promote my service. But I love what I do and as they say" do what you love and you never have to work a day.

The only issue now is editing. I dont kno how to edit even my instagram pictures. I dont like editing at all. That is what o have to work on if I want to make it a business venture


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In the starting do it as a hobby, After it becomes big do it as a business


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I actually think that it depends on a lot of factors. It is not that easy, I mean, in case you really need money and freedom, then youtube is a very great choice actually. The only problem nowadays, is that it is really tough to actually create an unique kind of content, or at least to find a method to get more hype around yourself so your channel would get more popular. I do not really like this kind of things, that is exactly why I am looking to get a proper business. I have already called for the services of https://digiscorp.com and they are offering some unique "incubator" services for a great start up.

Pete A Turner

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Work it as a hobby...if it demands more of your time/money, then consider feeding it. Understand that getting to 1k is only a step in the journey. Granted, you'll be able to monetize....but to keep growing you'll have to dedicate a LOT of time and money. If your motivation is money first, then do something else. There are dozens of better ways to monetize your time.