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YouTube Question How do you guys feel about the chapters feature?


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i keep going back and forth with this one. Some days I think its great, other days I feel like it could hurt your retention. The general idea is it allows the viewer to get to the information in your video that they are most interested in, but that also leaves the door open for them to just watch that small segment and then click off your video. How do you guys feel about this feature?


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As a watcher, it's great (depending on how the creator timestamps it). It certainly can hurt the creator if the watcher's only there for certain parts, but that's what Google is already doing with tutorial videos. Even without the timestamps, viewers will still zoom around your video if you don't immediately give them the answer they're looking for.

I actually watch a gaming channel that uploads hour-long videos, but he now uses the timestamps and it's made watching his video a lot better.

CoW mAn

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I love it. It's easy to implement, makes things look way more professional, and I think it shows respect for our viewers' time.

As a viewer it's fantastic. If I'm trying to get something specific from a video and they take too long to get to the point I just leave the video after like 30 seconds and that tanks their watch time and retention but if I can use the chapter to get to the 3 minutes of what I need from their 11 minute video then they got 3 minutes of watch time out of me instead of 30 seconds and they didn't annoy me as much. I'm happier, they get more watch time, and I leave with a better impression of their channel.

Tito Tim

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As a creator I am unsure what affect it will have on retention. But as a viewer I love it! So, I use them on videos that need them. Anything I can do to make the viewers time more comfortable, and more productive, is probably a good thing in the long run.

kitchen c/o ammama

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As a viewer, it's great feature. I don't have to waste my time to skip video to the actual point I am searching for or keep looking at the right spot. It saves my time.

and if I know that a particular channel is giving good content and is saving my time, I would prefer to watch that particular channel as it's favoring me.

Using this tool perfectly is up to the creator how and where he/she wants to use.

Beanie Draws

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I'm slowly incorporating them into my videos. Short videos probably don't really need them, but they're good for talking points and tutorials.

Dr Pixel Plays

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They are really great when you see that your viewers are skipping around a lot in your video. Without timestamps, they could get lost. With timestamps, there's a chance they'll stick around at least for the section.

This also reminds me that I forgot to add timestamps to one of my last videos, which already had some problems with retention. Thanks for the reminder!


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Uhmmmm, havent used it. I personal wont use it as my videos are basically discussing news and viral videos relating to Africa. There is really nothing to timestamp as it is discussion based and ranting about issues.