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Whats your favorite game of all time?


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God I'm too old and it's a really hard question and I could easily write a list or a whole article about it...
Easiest answer: Fallout 2
I got the (gory) UK version in a local gamestore (I guess in '98) and the game basically taught me English
After a week of playing I started to dream in English and now, just 19 years later I'm almost fluent!

The game was very buggy but just so much fun and freedom for exploration and best of all the dark humor - you people who only played Fallout 3, New Vegas or 4 don't know what you missed!


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That's one heck of a question! But I'll put in Sims 2, from the sheer number of hours, followed by World of Warcraft and Rimworld (which I'm playing on my channel right now!). I've played and enjoyed way too many games to accurately narrow it down to a single favorite one!

Tito Tim

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Nothing blew me away like Ultima Online back in 1997. It was crazy that we were playing a game with people from around the world, on the internet, live! That game was the granddaddy of them all. I play Guild Wars 2 and it is fun, but just not the same impact (better graphics and story, though). The player housing from UO has yet to be beat.

For console games South Park: Stick Of Truth! Hands down the most fun game I ever played.

CJ Nerf

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There were lots of really cool games i loved

Fighter Ace - WW2 dogfighting game with airplanes Computer
Asherons Call - MMO Awesome Computer

Battlefield series on Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 - best war games
Elder scrolls of morrowind
All Rollplaying games

venture from colecovision hahahaha

To Many nostalgic games to list for me each hold a special place

RGS Rblood

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My favorite game is MGS 2: Sons of liberty. At the time i got it. There was very few games like it. It was revolutionary as it let me play as 2 characters. I just remember how mind boggling it was. With the story line of snake and Raiden (I think was the blonde dudes name) just clashing in perfect harmony. The gameplay was amazing, for a PS2 game of the year it came out was absolutely one of the best graphic-wise games of the time. It will forever and always be my favorite game ever.


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Mine would have to be Heroes of Might and Magic 2. There's nothing quite like it. Very nostalgic and charming atmosphere. It was also the very first game I ever played in my life (I was 4 when it came out).


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Im saddened that I myself would have to say that WoW was also One of my favorite games of all time. I guess it would have to be it played for 12 years...