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Gaming Channel Old Nerd Playing Old PC Games


New Member
User name: oldnerd
Title of introduction: Old Nerd Playing Old PC Games
Your name/ Alias: Old Nerd
Where are you from? California
How did you find TubeBuddy? Google
What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Find interesting info, promote channel
What would you like to accomplish with your channel: My plan is to beat all PC games I remember from about 20-30 years ago
How frequently do you upload? Daily
What are your hobbies? Gaming, Music Composing
What is your biggest dream? 100k Subscribers
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrY4jt1Qh_mMIKZfHXIA2A

Mr Fishy McFish

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Old nerd (can already relate - it's me!) and playing games from years ago, sounds awesome :) love having fellow gaming channels here!

Bravestarr | Team TB

Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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Hello @oldnerd, welcome to our awesome community. You got yourself an awesome concept of a channel. I have a few old games myself I am looking to playing for my channel.