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YouTube Tips Just noticed my intro loses retention faster than vids with no intro


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Hey, I never thought of that before. Just removed the intro on some of my most watched videos for the last 7 days, and will test the how it affects retention for the next few weeks on those vids.
you posted this months ago, what were the results of your findings? and how long was your intro to begin with? I think we are all dying to know what you found out with your experiment.


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Successful YouTubers like Dusty Porter are big proponents of very short intros, perhaps for this reason. I'm thinking of taking the approach of putting the most interesting 5 second clip of my video right at the beginning, then the intro, then the full video, much like Greg Doucette does. He seems to have a very consistently high number of daily views that doesn't waver much, so maybe a good example to follow.
This is what I have started to do.


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I subbed back, I support that 110%, I lost 50 pounds, from getting new job just got promoted yay me. but I do a lot of walking but I need to pump some iron again, back to subject my views some is organic yes thanks to TB SEO, but some of those views are from cheap ads i paid for is it worth it I no longer think so. the retaining rate is like 95% loss. so its terrible return on money. lol but back to SEO does YT weigh videos that are heavily backlinked like google does?
Wow! What an interesting fitness story! Perhaps we should meet over on the collaboration forum and discuss collaboration on some videos! It would be fun.