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YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?


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Mine right now is pretty cheap. I don't have a place to record so I can't have a cam other than when I'm outside. I have a decent headset though and the computer itself is pretty good too but nothing great.


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my YouTube channel was not cheap by any means, i upgraded my laptop and microphone to sound professional quality. i've invested around $1.5k in my channel through my job on long term products, so i'll probably never have to invest in them again. my microphone i've had since 2018 and i've had no problems with it - if you invest SMARTLY and not big you can make your equipment last a very long time for the future when you do get big
My editor i invested time in a lot, so i try and make my editing a lot more professional then just jump cuts so that way i can grab viewers on the hook and stay consistent so that way i always put my best work forward
Sometimes i'll invest in a video (etc, $2 gamepass on roblox) if its worth it or if i wanna make a fun video my members usually fund that and for that i am greatful
So i'm kind of in between


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I record on my cell phone. Whether I had a channel or not, I would have a phone (currently Huawei Nova 3i, used to be Samsung J5). I stick with medium priced phones. Decent enough cameras, especially just for YT. I did buy a nice large tripod on a visit to the US (only a $40 tripod). Also, I built my own green screen with lights, for under $20. I do use a Chinese knock-off Gorilla pod ($3), and no name lapel mic ($20). My most expensive extra piece of gear is my gimbal. It was $100 and I bought it with a YouTube check.

So... yeah... pretty cheap ha ha :)
Compare to my equipment, your channel is rich

I most confess, this discussion makes me feel better about using a phone to record

I use to use a samsung j3 to film, now I use Samsung A51. I have no lighting except my room window, no micropjone( I need to get one). I got a tripod stand from a thrift store for less than 5euros. That's all.
I think I have the cheapest channel


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All i have is a pc for 200

and also a mic that costs 50 dollars

I have a chair and table together 20 dollars

I am cheap... Like really cheap