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YouTube Question How many videos did your posted before getting 100 subscriptions?


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that great to know. I actually don't remember. is there a way to track it?


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I was lucky I guess...
I was in a few relevant Facebook groups and made a presence for myself before starting the channel..
Once I'd done up a few videos, shared them in a few groups, I cracked 100 subs pretty fast, it was getting to 200 that was the harder part for me..

Beanie Draws

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TubeBuddy already had 6,000 subs when I joined so Idk

On my personal channel it was 3 (Thanks TubeBuddy)

Gaming channel took 65 videos!
You could technically find out about tubebuddie's. Just go to the custom date range, or how I started was I sorted by lifetime, then left the start date the same, and manually changed the end date to a date that was closest to 100 subs. I just noticed you can see how many videos you published during that particular time
100 subs.PNG

Cool thing I found out just through exploration is you can see how many views all your videos had during that time period overall
It's cool to be able to look back from a historical point of view to see what was.

Screenshot (992).png


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I had about 15 videos range from 2 min to 10 min videos and waiting till they blow up to post new video, I did not learn the right way at start but keep it up tho and grow :)


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It looks like many others on here were more effective than I am. I am at 55 subscribers right now and I've made 52 videos, although 42 have posted so far. The remaining 10 are scheduled to release over the next 20 days. I've usually been a bit ahead on my subscriber count vs. my video count, but I hope to see that be more exponential as I implement more best practices that I'm learning from Dusty Porter, Roberto Blake, etc.

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39 videos later, and I’ve nearly hit my 100 subscribers, this really is a marathon, BUT this has been a really fun journey for me, I like to refer to the 2 P’s as Patience and Positivity, those 2 got me through the start which is often the hardest part of a channel, and carried me through to where I am now, and will continue to take me through to meet many of the milestones waiting for me :blush:


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I don't know how to figure out how many videos it took me to get to 100 subscribers because I wasn't really paying much attention to how many videos I had posted at that point since I was just making them for a hobby (and still kind of am), but now I have about 5890 subscribers and have over 500 videos.