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YouTube Question How to get 4k hours

Donna Sandaga

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One of the requirements of youtube is to have 4k hours for 365 days. Is there a possible comments from you guys, open for suggestions how will we get that 4k.??Thank you


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One of the requirements of youtube is to have 4k hours for 365 days. Is there a possible comments from you guys, open for suggestions how will we get that 4k.??Thank you
Very possible. Think about your content and the audience, make sure you are looking out for the trend or what your target audience want to watch. Keep making those videos and improving on it. The first 1 month you will want to stop, that is where determination come in. It took me 6 month to get the views and sub but that was the hardest. There is really no hard or fast way around it as if the videos are not good and meeting certain needs it wll be hard to get the views. Make sure you use all the analytic on YouTube and here to make your video thumbnail, tail and tag. In all I do still thnk there is a little bit of LUCK. Wishing you all the best


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One of the requirements of youtube is to have 4k hours for 365 days. Is there a possible comments from you guys, open for suggestions how will we get that 4k.??Thank you

Hard work and dedication. To most of us YouTube will be a marathon not a sprint. Find your niche and put in a lot of hard work try to make each new video better than your previous one. Study your competitors, what can your learn from them? What are they doing better than you? A few people blow up over night a YouTube but be prepare to create hundreds if not thousands of videos.

Also learn from your previous content, do you have any videos that have done well, do more like does. If your videos are doing bad, what's the reason? The quality of your videos? Your storytelling? Your personality? The way your speak? Are you not entertaining? Maybe you are in a niche with to much competition that nobody finds your videos and so on.

Steve the Barman

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Exactly what @Blessing has just said! The only thing i'd add in on top is be consistent.

Pick a Day/2 days where you upload every week and stick to it. Unfortunately it could be a long road and we all have very dfferent results. I had my channel 2 years before i hit 4000 hours. Part of that was that i didn't really have a strategy with Tags and Keyowrd Ranking. I didn't really get it. However, once i "got it", the actual Hours were the easy part. I amassed 4000 hours in pretty much after a couple of months of upping my game. I literally went from under 1000 hours to 4000 hours in under 3 months. HOWEVER, my hardest thing was the Subs. It took me another 5 months AFTER reaching the 4k Hours, to get the 1000 Subs.

Even now, my Subs are the issue to get my Videos to take off. Watch Time is absolutely no problem. The last 28 days alone amassed 6400 hours! I get more daily views than channels with 20,000 Subs. But my Sub count is low. Just under 4000 now. But i'm picking up 30-50 a day. But for a long while i only got 10-20 a week.

My channel is very much a Search Channel at the moment though...i'd say out of my 4000 Subs, i reckon 300 are really loyal and watch most videos. At least 2500+ are awol and don't watch. I'll get 200-300 Views in the first 7 days of a Video. Then probably 8-12 weeks later, they'll start to go and rank in search. So each channel is different. But as i say, if you're consistent, you'll get there. Just be patient.


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Just be consistent in what you do, and work hard to achieve the 4K Watch hours.

jen lariza

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.do some video that really a searchable one so that u can reach 4000 hours very soon...
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Upload a good quality video.You can make one video a week, make such a video what you will like, don't watch what other —Éoutubers upload.Good luck


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Encourage others to share the video! If you have a medium audience who are loyal (can be as low as 25), then this should create a snowball effect.

Beanie Draws

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I personally think it's best to ignore the 4k requirements, and completely forget about monetisation. if you're doing youtube for monetisation, you're in it for the wrong reasons and I think your growth will slow down because of it.

be consistent with releasing videos YOU are passionate about, find an audiience that shares your passion, and consistently and regularly provide them with value that they want to watch time and time again. the only way to get watch time is to make content that people want to watch, there's no shortcut or other way around that. Your audience retention in your analytics will help you find your drop off points that might be a spot to look at and change.

Tito Tim

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Honestly I found the 4k hours easier than the 1,000 subs. Over the last 365 days I picked up just under 1,000 subs, but had 15k hours views.
But I am also glad I was monetized before these requirements.