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Video Review As a beginner editor and YouTuber, I'd like to hear some feedback!


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User name: chileno0826
Title of thread: As a beginner editor and YouTuber, I'd like to hear some feedback!
Self review: So I just started taking my channel a little more seriously about a week ago and I've started posting content. Now again, I'm still working on making thumbnails and editing videos (which is harder than I though). But I would like feedback back on my latest video to see if I'm heading in the right directing, if there is anything missing, etc. Anything helps! Thanks again! (video does contain a little language in it.)
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PGMIUMt7PA

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/26687/#post-79191

Bounce Gaming

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Hey bro, overall an enjoyable video. Love the little sound effects you put in when you're shooting.
Critique wise.... I'd suggest that in your preview, make more eye contact with the camera, I noticed your eyes dart back and forth between the lens and I assume yourself on the recorder, you're also looking down a lot. Also, maybe cut out the teamspeak audio when you're doing your fast forwards, it kinda sounds like garbled nothing that we can't understand, so why even have it.

Just my two cents, keep up the good work!


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Not being a gamer it's not my place to comment on content, so I'll stick to the basics. Your thumbnail although relevant to the subject matter is to buzy. Make it relevant for sure but Keep it simple and impactful to your audience.
Why should a non subscriber want to watch your game over the thousands of others available? What are the benefits? Are they going to learn more about a new weapons capability or a strategy that will propel their own gaming experience?
Be specific...
Don't forget to optimize your thumbnail by increasing the contrast and saturation and don't forget to name your thumbnail the exact title of your keyword title.
Okay on to title's.
Your in an extremely competitive market when it comes to ranking, views and view duration. So my advice is when you do your keyword searches in this tuff market, it's to be really specific and follow the same guidelines as I mentioned in the thumbnail section.
Good luck to you!


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So far, you're doing great!

  • Nice transition towards the start
  • Great camera quality
  • Non-intrusive but good-looking social overlay (above the webcam)
  • 60fps gameplay- not appreciated enough, IMO!
  • Audio mixing - the music (e.g. at 0:33), sound effects and game are sometimes much louder than your voice.
  • Fast-forwarding - it's all down to personal preference, but I'd rather watch the gameplay either without the sped-up sections entirely, or in full. Some games may not have enough action to do this, but it might stop people scrubbing through the video or clicking off as they're constantly engaged.
  • Censoring - While I really appreciate that you censored some swearing, lots in the video wasn't. I understand that it's annoying to go through a whole video and censor all the swear words, but consistency is key in this case.
I hope this helps you and that I wasn't too harsh! Keep at it and success will come. Excellent job :)


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Hey Cristian,

Understand I am not your target audience because I do not like watching other people play games (outside of reviews or pros) on youtube. So take my advice with that in mind.

+ I love your setup and I think its a good angle and the view of you while playing is great
+ I like how you have a quick preview footage before you jump into your intro
- I think your preview footage should leave someone "hooked." Whats gonna happen? ex: a tense firefight that ends right before you see who wins out. Or someone yelling about being cornered while you are on the way to rescue. As it stands, why should I care someone is hiding in a hanger? Dont take this offensively :)
- your voice chat is great, and I can hear clearly. EXCEPT when you are doing the intro. Id say speak up or boost the microphone sensitivity somehow.
- Again, not the audience for these videos, but I would talk to your viewers about what you are doing/where you are going, and why. Explain your emotions (that dude scared me! that was intense! what an easy kill, that must be a newbie) Those kinda things

Hope that helps.


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I’m a beginner youtuber myself so I’ll try and you my best feedback. I liked all of the sound effects that you added and all the pop up images you added.
In my opinion maybe try splitting the clip to where you want it instead of speeding it up. Also maybe you can be more enthusiastic but overall it was a really good video


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I'm not a gamer but I'd say making your thumbnail a bit more legible cause the white kinda blended into the image. Finally, my advice would be to maintain eye contact with the camera, especially in your intro.