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YouTube Question How to become more comfortable in front of a camera

Beanie Draws

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You know what I found that helped me get ready to perform for camera. Doing a livestream before you record. I've done a few livestream chats with folks, and afterwards (about an hour) I'm in this performing zone where I'm ready to keep talking to a camera out loud.

You could also do a "rehersal". perform your video without recording, so you don't feel the pressure right away, OR turn the camera on, and record for about 15 minutes of just talking... like, pretending you're live streaming or something, to warm yourself up. It's a bit like any perfomance, sports etc. You want to warm up before you start performing.

Goode Life Outdoors

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I've always struggled with speaking clearly, without stumbling over my words. I still feel pretty awkward in front of the camera, after over 1.5 years, but I'm aware of my weaknesses, and simply do multiple takes until I feel I get it right. Even in the action of filming, when I can't start over, I work to recognize what sounds weird, so I can give a "quick second take" in my flow of conversation that I can then edit correctly. I can make for some obvious cuts, but I'm good with that for the sake of clarity in my videos.

I will say, posting videos more consistently helps immensely.


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Moved to YouTube discussion instead of TubeBuddy question, since this isn't really a TubeBuddy question.

For me, what's helped the most is remembering that talking to a camera is a skill, and to practice it. One thing I'll do is just film things I never post to get more comfortable.
Same problem to myself but I will try to film myself talking in my own language instead english, I don't wanna have wrong grammar on my videos haha


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Practice makes perfect. I always pretend that I'm on Facetime talking to friends. It sort of helps getting out the gitters of thinking you're making videos for potentially thousands of people to see