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Forum News TubeBuddy Forum Patch Notes April 2020! - It's hard to believe!


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Hello TubeBuddies!

Welcome to the April FORUM patch notes! It’s a weird time, but there are strong positives, and we want to bring some positivity to our forum users!
  • We're looking for NEW Forum Moderators! Learn more about our search for moderators: Here
  • There is a new Member of the month @ASMRSaide read about her: HERE
  • We introduced TUP AKA [Trusted User Program] which gives active forum members a chance to give back and earn one year of Free Tubebuddy! Read more: HERE
  • We’ve added the FAQ to the top of the forums to help answer questions!
  • We’re inching closer and closer to 25,000 forum users, and are planning a big celebration with more information to come! We jumped from 20,000 to 23,000+ in a few weeks! Stay tuned for a TubeBuddy forum Giveaway!
  • We’ve made changes to our support section at the top, which will now redirect to https://tubebuddy.com/support
  • We’ve added a chat-bot for additional support! Check out our chatbot on either desktop or mobile phone!
Thank you so much for reading! The @Moderators and I are excited about the updates and can’t wait for the new moderators and more Truster Users! Please let us know what you think about these updates, and what you’d like to see on the forums here!

The Forum Team!