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YouTube Question Playlists To Grow Channel


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As a Viewer I tend to stick to a channel that has created playlists as It makes browsing the video easier. So, I would suggest you should include every video in at least one playlist.:)


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I did create a playlists for those video types that I have done multiples of. I feel it's beneficial for someone who might brows the channel main page. They can scroll down and see what all is there, and then maybe those videos, even if old, get a viewing.


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Do you guys create playlists on your channel? Have you noticed it helping with your channel growth? How often do you create a playlist?
Yes! Reading/watching youtube content creation strategies, they mentioned the big part of YT playlist is, instead of users actively clicking and watching, they're automatically watching the next video and have to "actively" move away from it if they don't want to watch.

This little shift changes behaviors.

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How's it going? I'm Joe. This is my first post so I hope I'm using the forum correct. I'm a new guy. We'll I'm old but new to YouTube.

I only have 22 videos (it's month 1).
Mate, having 22 videos in a month isn't "only" that's some damn good effort!

I'd like to make a playlist (mostly for fun) something like "Old School Music For Expats." Try to keyword the playlist, etc.. Maybe I'll get that guy my age looking for Social Distortion 1988 who finds my channel and playlist. Maybe after the tunes, they take a look at my channel.
That's an interesting one. I have suggested to tubebuddy that they could try something like that. At face value, I think making a special playlist that might not be 100% niche related, but more, season period, could be interesting, but I don't have any data (or I haven't investigated it enough anyway) as to how it would impact your channel, if at all, or negatively or positively.

That said, I follow a few artists in Twitch, and they have linked YouTube channels that will have a playlist of the songs they play during their streams. I love that kind of thing from a community standpoint, but you also have to remember just like using # in your title, a playlist will also most certainly take someone AWAY from your content if it isn't your own content. Some might forget to return to your channel if they aren't already subscribed, that's why i prefer the idea of doing it as a more hidden "Easter egg" of sorts. Your community will return even if they leave your channel to listen to some of your suggested tracks. But new subscribers might get distracted from coming back to your channel, so you need to do it strategically. Not making someone leave platform is good, so adding session time, even if it's not watch time, means you've kept someone on platform, which is what YouTube wants, but you have to decide weather pushing someone to a song, when they might have watched another of your videos, will be a positive, or a negative in terms of watch time. This would be part of growing your overall community "culture" as to what you want to do. I do love when art streamers have a playlist of their favorite songs.

Then head over and listen to Bad Religion, etc... for 15 minutes. I get a little credit for the session time. Correct? I know the goal is to keep them at my channel. But with 5 videos on Bangkok, 5 on Baja, etc.. Until I get more content, I'm gonna lose them anyhow. Why not try and keep them on my playlist?
The theory is sound, pretty much like I just said in my previous point, it's a little bit of a gamble, but if someone was going to click away from your channel anyway, it's probably better they do from your own playlist, instead of a suggested video not tied to you. And playlists do get views, I have quite a lot of views on some of my playlists which is surprising, so sprinkling some songs in there could be interesting... but keep in mind, you can't control the title of OTHER PEOPLE'S videos in your playlist, only your playlist description. So if you place some travel inspired music, I'd say something like "here's a collection of my videos, plus some music that inspires me" or something like that, otherwise it might look strange having some Bad Religion tracks in among a playlist of travel videos. I'd most certainly be thinking "was this an error?" so keep that in mind. And that's the power of playlist titles with descriptions. You can say "hey, here's some songs I love while traveling" it gives more context AND is more personable.

The main concern I have. If I make a playlist and let's say it's a concert clip. Will the copywrite music be any future problem for me. Of course some day, I'd like to monetize. To be clear, the playlist will take you to another YouTube channel. But it will be on my channel listed in a playlist.
I don't believe that would be an issue. The original uploader would be the one who has to deal with the copyright side of their uploads, but that's an interesting one. I'm not a lawyer so I can't say, but at face value it's fine, it's not your video in your playlist, it's simply someone else's video in your playlist.
Do remember though, your playlist is still curated by you, so I'd say some control still falls under your responsibility as to what you'd add and take away from a playlist. A video that violates terms of service (which I'm sure wouldn't be an issue for you, but "just in case") would be the responsibility of the uploader, not you, so if a video is deleted of their channel, it would simply show up as a missing or deleted thumbnail in your playlist (I've seen this a few times with music playlists) so unless a label specifically reports you for including a song in your playlist, I don't see that ever being an issue. Basically use common sense and read your audience.


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Thanks for the response. I love visiting your city of Melbourne. I remember seeing shows at the Corner Hotel. Good times.

I went ahead and organized into 4 playlists. One for Baja, Bangkok, Hong Kong, etc..

I then made the "My Favorite Music Other Expats May Enjoy." All clean quality videos from huge channels, BBC, etc.. I'll see how it goes. Again if someone finds my channel, because of the keyword "expat" in the music playlist, that's great.

Again, it's mostly for fun. Plus, like your favorite Twitch channels. I might get a few people that stick around because they see the music playlist being updated. Maybe that helps the user experience of my channel.

Maybe I'll re-think once I get 100 videos, etc.. In the meantime, just trying to make a cool channel. My buddies say, if they watch my video, 9 out of 10 times the next suggestion is a huge channel anyhow.

If I understand correct, if I get lucky and someone watches an entire playlist (say on Baja) It won't show a video from the music playlist.

But it's possible they could be watching a single video on my channel and be sent to one of my music videos next. I'll risk that until I have more choices for the viewer.

Thanks again. Oh one of my videos is Melbourne's Paul Kelly. In 1988 I just got out of the Navy. I was a roadie for a few months. I asked to work some Crowded House shows in the California. Paul was the opener. All those guys were cool. I followed his career over the decades. Seen him in the US a dozen times. And one time in Spain.

Thanks again. Joe